Author: Robert Griess

Robert Griess is a multi-award-winning cabaret artist and author who has performed all over Germany, from the Düsseldorfer Kom(m)ödchen to the Münchner Lach- und Schiessgesellschaft, from Alma Hoppe’s Lustspielhaus in Hamburg to the Berliner Wühlmäuse. He is also a frequent guest on radio and TV. After many successful readings from his book “Cologne – Satirical hand luggage”, Robert Griess developed a highly entertaining 60-minute show about the “most beautiful city in the world” (self-description), its inhabitants and their way of life. As a cabaret artist, Robert Griess travels all over Germany and knows how people in Bavaria or Berlin perceive the Cologne city: very likeable, but also a bit superficial, populated with party animals who otherwise get nothing done. It´s high time to reveal the truth about Cologne to the world!

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The book to the show

Köln-Satirisches Handgepäck
Robert Griess, Christian Schultz
Michael Müller Verlag, 176 pages, color, 124 photos
ISBN 978-3-95654-407-1
Book: 12,90 EUR

And that is what the press say

‘The shortest way into the Cologne soul leads through intoxication. It won’t take long with this book either.” FAZ

“It’s a lot of fun to follow Griess through the city like into the ‘heart of the Cologne soul’. As ‘satirical hand luggage’ it belongs in every travel bag. But above all it should be a lot of fun for natives and Imis. Anyone who has sense of humor can also see the book as first-class city marketing: ‘Cologne is the crystal meth among cities’, writes Griess. Beware: there’s a danger that you’ll never want to leave again”. Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

“With a full portion of irony and humour, the special travel guide shows what makes Cologne especially lovable.” VorSicht – Das Rhein-Nahe-Journall, Christian Malan

“How to survive in the urban jungle and how to discover your love for your adopted home on the Rhine – cabaret artist and Cologne-born Robert Griess gives satirical tips on this. The small volume by Robert Griess is an entertaining and helpful little book.” Westdeutsche Zeitung, Stephan Eppinger